It's only been a month since I met Bailey & Aaron in person and within just a few minutes together, I knew we would be fast friends.

In the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, love took center stage as Bailey and Aaron celebrated their second year of dating. Bailey reached out to me just three days before their anniversary and in an incredible stroke of luck, I was available -- and more importantly, I was truly overjoyed to be able to capture the magic of their love story!

Bailey and Aaron's love story unfolded against the iconic backdrop of downtown Pittsburgh. The couple, having made the city their home just two years ago, decided to commemorate their anniversary with a vibrant and dynamic photoshoot in the bustling Strip District. These two met up with me right outside Aslin Beer Company (which as a side note has some of the best pour over coffee I've ever had!). Despite a slight Autumn chill in the air, we had an absolute blast.

The adventure took an unexpected turn when a local gem, Wigle Whiskey Distillery, opened its doors to us. The inviting ambiance of the bar provided a unique and charming setting for capturing some truly remarkable photos. The warm lighting and rustic charm of the distillery infused the images with a timeless quality, elevating the session to new heights. The distillery staff generously allowed us to document the couple enjoying craft cocktails at their absolutely gorgeous bar, adding an authentic and intimate touch to the session.

One aspect that stood out throughout the session was Bailey's infectious smile. It seemed to light up the entire city, and I couldn't help but express my admiration at every opportunity. Her genuine happiness was contagious, creating a magnetic energy that translated beautifully into the photographs.

Bailey and Aaron's downtown Pittsburgh anniversary session was a testament to the power of love and the unique charm of the city they now call home. The spontaneity of the shoot, coupled with unexpected moments at Wigle Whiskey Distillery, added a touch of magic to their celebration. As the sun set over the cityscape, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to capture such a vibrant and love-filled session in the heart of Pittsburgh.