You've made it. All the work you've put in, hours spent planning, and countless coffee runs has finally landed you here, and it's all about to get a whole lot easier... so welcome!

I'm Haley, your favorite Boston-based wedding photographer, and I'm here to capture your magic.

When I started this photography business, I set out to do one thing; capture your most valuable memories for you to cherish forever. My style is timeless and authentic. Candid and fun. Emotional and jaw-droppingly beautiful.

So take a deep breath. Soak it all in. I've got it from here.

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A coffee-loving corgi mom, obsessed with travel and all things photography! Come learn more about who I am, and more importantly; why you're here.

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Your day is packed. Emails, meetings, bookkeeping, marketing, more emails, social media planning, and oops. You ran out of time again to put together those photos for the website you've been trying to launch for weeks now. Trust me, I've been there. Stop spreading yourself thin trying to juggle all the moving parts of a business. That's where I come in with my exclusive branding sessions, individually customized to your specific needs, aesthetic and vision for your small business. Tired of not having a strong, visual brand? I've got you covered. Each session starts with a conversation over lattes and a questionnaire to get to know all things you. Together we'll map out a plan to make all your business dreams a reality. What are you waiting for?